Whats On Your Business Card?


A professional business card says more about youand your business than any other tool in yourmarketing arsenal. You need a card that looksgood, tells what you do and makes it easy tocontact you.

Here's how to use the necessary ingredients tocreate a great business card

Your name should be the biggest part of the card. Right there where the eye can pick it out withoutsearching.

Avoid the old trap of name and phone number in6 point type in the lower right corner.

Your card's purpose is to get people to rememberYOU and contact YOU. So put YOU in the middle, big. A fancy company logo is not you. YOU are themost important element of your business card.

The second most important element of your newbusiness card should be your preferred method ofcommunication. If you are a cell phone junkie, your cell phone number should be the biggest onthe card. If eMail is your thing, your addressshould be prominent and near your name. No need topost every contact method. An option would be toadd your company logo, albeit small, in the cornerof your card.

Don't use clip art to create your logo. No logolooks a lot better than one from page 23 of theclip art book. You can have logos professionallydesigned for less than $500 bucks.

Next, you need a one sentence version of yourelevator speech. Condense your elevator speech toone sentence that will fit on your business card, under your name and contact info. Across thebottom is a good spot.

An elevator speech is what you say to someone whoasks "What do you do?" in an elevator going downfrom the 25th floor.

Your name, contact information and shortenedelevator speech (let's call it a selling sentence)are more important than any other elements of yourbusiness card. More important than paper stock(always use a high gloss card stock), colors (0nlyin a photo or logo) or fonts (easy to read). CardsDO get passed around.

If someone who has never met you is given yourcard, they must be able to determine who you areand how you can help them. "Joe Jones, Plumber"might work, but it doesn't convey what you can dofor them. "Joe Jones, I show up on time, smellgood and fix your leak, guaranteed", says a wholelot more. Now your business card is selling YOU.


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