Do Your Radio Ads Work?


Most small businesses don't have a high poweredadvertising agency to produce selling radiocommercials for them and end up with somethingakin to a high school play, or with the businessowner reading tired copy.

The radio salesperson knows that by suggesting theowner be the star, visions of Dave from Wendys orthat guy with the talking dog who says "roll thatbeautiful bean footage" come to mind.

Worse, most businesses don't have a plan tocoordinate all advertising to the same message. The newspaper ad says one thing, yellow pagesanother and the radio commercial is off in its ownworld.

The radio ad person should know all about yourcampaign and image before leaving with the order. You should be promised a "proof" of your radioad before it goes on the air. There should be atleast two commercials, better four, selling thebenefits.

Remember Tom Bodett and Motel 6? A great campaign. It was just Tom delivering solid copy about thebenefits of staying at the motel (and a littletwinkle music in the background). It won awards, put them on the map and raised occupancy rates andprofits. The company was gobbled up by the Accorchain (one of the biggest in the world) who havethe smarts to continue the same campaign. Whatdoes he say at the end of every commercial? Radio done right works!

Maybe you can't get the local station to come upwith Tom Bodett quality but there is nothing wrongwith solid copy pitching benefits, benefitsbenefits. Answer the question WIIFM (Whats In ItFor Me). You don't have to be cute, use lamehumor, two voices or loud music to do that.

BIG Mike's Tips for Better Radio Ads

» Buy more than one station (ones that target yourcustomers, not ones you like)

» Buy 24 or more ads per week on one and 24 adsthe following week on the other, alternate forfour weeks, take four weeks off and do it again.

» Rotate two to four commercials, all with thesame overall theme and opening and closing linesand change the meat in the middle (they call 'emdonuts)

» Don't let the radio person talk you into beingthe star. Remember, its not about you. There isno need to spend a bundle to have 3 friends say"I heard you on the radio" or "I saw your mug onthe billboard". That's not advertising.

» Don't let some drama school dropout cook up aslice of life commercial by dragging thereceptionist into the studio to play a part. They never sell.

Pick a plan and stick with it. Tell 'em to tradethe cutsey stuff for real substance. Coordinateyour radio with your other advertising and you canbenefit from the power of electronic word ofmouth, radio.

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