Should You Advertise on TV?


When people discover my background in advertising, the questions flow. One of the most frequentquestions is "Should I advertise on TV?"

I can't answer that questions until I ask anumber of questions first.

Do you have an advertising plan?

Are you working on a firm budget?

What are you trying to accomplish with youradvertising?

Where are you spending your money now?

Usually by the 4th question the happy face is oneof disappointment.

Contractors don't build a building without a plan, and you shouldn't advertise without a plan. Thefirst action is to determine what your advertisingis to do. Most small and medium businesses do nothave the bucks for long term image, so we focus ona call to action or proclaiming benefits (notfeatures)

Can TV do that? Probably. Can you afford it? Probably not. Local TV ads even in the smallest oftelevision markets are expensive. You can buycheap ads, but the cost is factored to the numberof viewers. The cheaper the ads, the fewer theviewers. How many folks do you know glued to thetube at 545 AM?

You can get on TV with a package of Cable Ads, butbeware the number of viewers and the shoddyproduction. Get my article "Cable Ads 5 Bucks" bysending a blank eMail toMailTo:CableAds@BigIdeasGroup. com

Some people in business beleive you haven't"arrived" until your business is on TV andbillboards. Funny, I know of hundreds ofbusinesses making big bucks that don't use either.

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