Internet Advertising: How To Use The Golden Rule To Enrich Yourself.


What is the golden rule of internet advertising?

Give, so you may receive.

It is as simple as that.

Most people desire to receive, but never give!

You can increase your marketing exposure effortlessly byplacing your ad on free stuff, then allow other people togive it away. The more people that give away your freestuff the more your ad will be seen.

Most free stuff can be created easily and without little orno expense. Electronic freebies are perfect because withthese types of freebies there's no shipping or physicalmaterial costs.

Below are some popular types of electronic freebies.

Free e-Coupons/e-Gift Certificates-Give your visitors freeelectronic coupons and gift certificates for your productsor services.

Free e-Books-Give your visitors a free electronic book. The e-book should be related to your web site theme.

Free e-Reports-Give your visitors free electronic reports. The reports could be in autoresponder form or in textformat.

Free e-Courses-Give your visitors a free electronic courses. They could e-mail your follow-up autoresponder and besent a lesson each day.

Free Software-Give your visitors free software. It couldbe a game or a useful utility. Just have them download itright from your web site.

Free Online Services/Utilities-Give your visitors free onlineservices or utilities. They should be ready to use right fromyour web site.

In conclusion, when you use this marketing strategy it willquickly spread your advertising all over the internet.

May you succeed in your internet advertising and make a lotof money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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