10 Simple Techniques To Make Your Ad Get Powerful Attention


1. Make your ad's keywords and phrases standoutby enlarging the text. This technique works wonderswith headlines and sub headlines.

2. Make your products list of benefits and featuresstand out by using a symbol in front of each of them. The symbol could be a dash, solid circle, star, etc.

3. Use sub headlines to break up your ad copy andto capture a skimmers eye. You could make themeven more powerful by highlighting them with color.

4. Use attention grabbing adjectives to describeyour product. For example sizzling, incredible, highpower, ultramodern, killer, eye popping, etc.

5. Place attention grabbing pictures above and withinyour ad copy. A powerful technique is to use beforeand after pictures of people using your product.

6. Use a headline that catches the attention of yourtarget audience. One of the most effective ways isto use a free offer as your headline.

7. Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other chartsin your ad copy. Use charts that will grab a personseye and also support your product claims.

8. Highlight buying incentives like free bonuses andmoney back guarantees. You could place them inboxes or in front of a different colored background.

9. Use short sentences or sentence fragments in thebody of your ad copy. A short burst of words cancatch a skimmers eye with one quick glance.

10. Highlight all the important keywords and phrasesin your ad copy. You could use bolding, underliningand color to highlight the important words.

Article by Sergio Salzberg


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