Send em to the White Pages


Your business is listed in the Yellow Pageswhether you buy an ad or not. Your business islisted in the Yellow Book and the other phonebooks, too, no purchase necessary.

The trick is to get people to remember your namewhen they look in the book. That's advertising'sjob. If you stress what's in it for them they willremember who you are when they go looking. Manytimes they go looking a year, or more, afterhearing or seeing your ads. If it is all aboutthem, they will remember all about you.

Surveys show the majority of people look in theYellow Pages for a name that seems familiar, either through past dealings or because ofadvertising or referral. Only the people who don'thave a clue go there to make a decision based onthe ad copy or size of the ad. And color doesn'tmake a difference to the clueless.

You have seen it and heard it, "See our ad in theYellow Pages". Furgitaboutit! Don't encourage themto go look for your ad, instead, show them how tofind your number.

Why send 'em to the yellow section where theycould be swayed by ads from your competitors. Mostfolks can't remember numbers seen in print orheard on the radio and few carry around a padand pencil. Your job is to help them associateyour name with their ability to find your number."In the white pages under B for BIG IdeasGroup"."In the white pages under M for MoritzEngine Repair. Moritz, M-O-R-I-T-Z."

Keep a little yellow ad if you want, for theclueless. Use your advertising to help peopleremember how to find you when the time comes. Advertising is for them and then they rememberyou.

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