What Does the Back of Your Business Card Say?


Business cards with nothing on the back are wastedopportunities to sell.

Use the back of your card to expand and reaffirmyour selling sentence (which should be prominenton the front of your card).

If your Selling Sentence is "Where You Save 20% onPower Tools Everyday", use the space on the backto list the brands on sale every day. Anothersolid impression about you and your business.

You can use the back of your card to explain thehigh points of your business, quote happycustomers or list the products you offer. If youquote, be sure to get permission. Impliedpermission is when you use a sentence with quotesaround it and no attribution.

No need to fill the back edge to edge, but putsomething there that will work for you. Judicioususe of white space front and back is the mark of aprofessional. Ever notice the isles in anexpensive store are wider than Wal-Mart?

Find a way to work your name into what you put onthe back. The back is an ad for you, a mobilemarketing piece. Without your name there, theclose is lost. Don't repeat anything else from thefront, but be sure your name is on both sides.

You can offer a quiz (or checklist) that willstimulate thinking and prompt a call to you.

Some folks put valuable information on the back(police, fire, hospital phone numbers, a calendar, or a football schedule). Some cards use handy tipsor conversion tables or charts.

Turn the back of your card into a coupon. Whenthey redeem the coupon, give them another card.

Another clever idea is to print the back of thecard with enough space for you to give yourprospect your direct number or your private 800number by hand writing it in the space on theback.

"Here, let me give you my PRIVATE number"indicates in not so subtle tones not everyone getsthat number or you would have printed it on therefor all to see. The chance of that card making itback to the prospect's desk are 10 times betterthan a ho hum card.

If you use color on the front, the back can bedone in black and white. Information is usuallypresented in black and white. Nice physiologicaltouch, and less expensive, too.

Dig out that pile of cards you have saved frommeetings, conventions and networking. Few utilizethe back for anything, let alone plannedmarketing.

For more about business cards, get my article"What's on Your Business Card?"MailTo:BizCardOn@BigIdeasGroup. com

You stand out from the crowd when your businesscard is a professional marketing piece, bothsides.

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